Valentine's Day Campaign


We are telling the story of what makes our Valentine’s range crush-worthy. Because just like falling in love, becoming captivated by your perfect Lush product can be all-consuming, fleeting, obsessive and something that makes you feel great, inside and out. Using existing tropes iconic teen magazines, we’ll insert our products as objects of desire instead. This sets up our products as totally crushworthy and gushworthy. 


To introduce customers to their lush crush and encourage them to share their feelings with the world.

Inspiration for execution: 

  • 90’s teen magazine cover 

  • Loud neon bubble letters

  • Interactive instore signage: snap a selfie with your match

Visual direction:

Using an graphical treatment inspired by a teenagers’ love for doodles and bubbly letters, we made Unicorn Horn the star of the campaign and let our existing customers know it’s back. The treatment will communicate that Unicorn Horn is both desirable and fleeting (like a young love) even to new customers.